Sis. Sonya Waire, Bro. Lossie Burkeen , Sis. Lou Willie Holt

Homework Help

We are offering homework help & tutoring every Thursday 3:45pm at the Creekside (108 E Willow St) & Southern Hills (201 Dyer St) Community Centers

Upcoming Events

August 4th Thrivers Sunday - We are celebrating our members, family & friends who have not only survived a cancer diagnosis but are thriving. - Breakfast served at 9:30am

August 17th-18th Men’s Weekend - Carmack men are inviting men of all ages to two days of fun, fellowship & connection. We’ll spend time at the golf course, play games, share a meal together, connect on a deeper level & dig into God’s Word.

August 24th Ladies Day - Our ladies are taking our 2019 theme “The Year of Blessing” & empowering other women with a day of inspiration, fellowship & connection.