Thank you to all who applied this year, we are no longer accepting scholarship applications for the 2021-2022 school year.  Scholarships will be awarded on June 27th @ 10AM at Carmack Boulevard.  Recpients will be notifed by June 19th if they have been awarded a scholarship.   Please check back next year in February to apply for the 2022-2023 scholarships.

The Carmack Boulevard leadership has committed to helping our members and community to continue to expand their education and providing opportunities to do this through awarding Scholarships.  These scholarships are designed to create educational opportunities for young people. The amount designated for this scholarship will be awarded to recipients to be used toward the purchase of books and/or college tuition and fees. This scholarship is a direct investment in the future of young people in our community seeking educational achievement, advancement and success. Please select the scholarship you would like to apply to below and complete the application process.  All applications are due by May 31, 2021. Both the student and parent/guardian must sign the application. When all parts of the application are completed, submit as one package to:

Carmack Legacy

Annie Hardison

Deron Nelson